I suppose I should have mentioned in my last post that I would be unable to post a frequently as I had been due to that fact that all of my writing efforts would soon be funneled into my emerging book.  So to make up for that a little bit, today’s post will be an except from my novel.  Just to give you a little insight, Penelope is the main character and she’s just gone off to college.  She’s missing her best friend an awful lot and just sits around feeling low and kind of whiny.

      I went off to Seattle to attend college, not sure of what I wanted to do but wanting to go north and I liked the weather there.  I miss Summer so much after I left.  She had stayed kind of close to home, about an hour away, and began getting an art degree.  I spent the first two months of school feeling depressed and seriously considering transferring to be close to Summer.  I still had not admitted to myself that I was in love, I just knew that I wanted to be by her side.  My dorm roommate on the other hand was almost never in the room.  She had joined many clubs and one night, after coming home to me eating popcorn and watching musicals for the third night in a row, she informed me that she wasn’t going to let this happen.  I owe the success of my first year of college (at least socially) to Alyssa.  She forced me out of that room and to the group meeting board, told me that I had to pick out three and she would attend them with me, at least the first time.  I chose the LGBTQA club, the art club and the multicultural club. 

We’ll begin with my first meeting to the art club.  I happened to go on a day when most of the members were collaborating on a painting with another member, two person teams, if you will.  I showed up, with Alyssa, but they didn’t have any extra canvases (made sense since we were newcomers), so they split us up and put us with two people that didn’t have partners.  This being the first club that we decided to go to, I was not sold on this whole, adventuring out of my room thing yet.  Then I got paired with a guy wearing a chicken costume.  I cautiously approached him, afraid he might cluck at me, and saw, with a moment of “what the heck“, that he had markers and brushes strapped to the toes of the chicken feet.  As I watched, he lifted one clawed foot and dipped the attached brushes into carefully arranged paint buckets.  Then he set off across the canvas with his hands tucked into his arm pits and elbows flapping, while his feet shuffled their way along like someone trying to wipe mud on a door mat.  He was actually walking and clucking like a chicken across the canvas.  I waited until he needed to reload his brushes, then introduced myself, telling him that I would be his collaboration partner.  He raised his beaked face at me and screamed, “DON’T INTERRUPT MY METHOD!!!!”  That was the precise moment that I figured out that the art club was not for me…

Ah, November…

There is something that happens in November that makes this month very special for me, gives me a rush of adrenaline and a high like nobody’s business.  I am not talking about Thanksgiving, although the endorphins released into my body after consuming turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, monkey bread and chocolate pie are also nice.  I am also not speaking of Black Friday, though the rush of giving some over-powered soccer-mom the “ha, I got the last one” fake-smile while she snarls at you is also a favorite.  I am speaking of Nanowrimo, or for those who are unaware: National Novel Writing Month.

nanowrimoThe Office of Letters and Light is a non-profit organization that encourages writers to get out their inner story.  I know many people that always say, “I’d like to write a book…someday…”  Well, Nanowrimo is your chance.  During the month of November, writers across the world sit at home, in coffee shops, at libraries and bang out 50,000 words in 30 days.  Far from being something that makes you reclusive (or more reclusive in that case of some of us), there are many events that you cna join in on with other writers from your area.  Nanowrimo’s website has all of this worked out for you, you just join and get started!

I participated in 2010 and succeeded.  For me, this feels like a competition but it’s entirely with myself: me vs my inner editor.  (Ah, the inner editor, the one that tells you that you can’t do it and tries to make you go back halfway through and fix the flaw in your magic system, when you’ve only got 30 DAYS!)  The inner editor is something that needs to be silenced.  When I complete my goal I get to look at her all smug-like for about 24 hours, until I realize that I do have to go back and edit before it will be something that I can share…

So this year, after a 2 year hiatus, I will be striving for that goal again.  I stopped after my first year because I was in school but this year I am just going to have to become a little bit better at time management and make this happen.  I love that I have one completed novel and it’s time I had another.

If you have a novel in you, itching, scratching and dying to get out, please, for the love of writing, DO IT!  Best of luck to those that are participating.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, maybe I will see you are one of the write-ins!  Please feel free to add me as a writing buddy: suitablyconsidered