A Fresh Start

So with the new year inevitably comes the obligatory “New Years Resolutions”.  I typically try to steer clear of this type of “commitment” but I do like to commemorate the day somehow.  This year to prevent myself from feeling upset by the cards I’ve been dealt and from forgetting the wonderful little joys that happen through the year, I am stealing an idea from the internet.  I am going to put a jar in my house, alongside it will be pen and paper, when soemthing good happens I will write it down and deposite it in the jar.  Then at the end of the year my husband and I will recount our good moments together (my husband will contribute to the jar too).  To me that is amazing, to be able to recount a year only in good moments!

I am also beginning a project that will last the whole year.  This will be my second attempt to suceed in this adventure.  It is the 365 days project.  For 365 days I will take a picture of myself.  I found the idea years ago and failed at my first attempt and it has been living on my bucket list ever since.  I present to you my first picture of 2014:

ImageIf you would like to follow my progress you can see them on Flickr.  Hopefully everyone had a great and safe night.  I hope you don’t make any empty promises to yourself and find a way to enjoy life and cherish the good times.

Life Goals and Priorities

My life goals are organized into a wonderfully disorganized conglomeration of thoughts that I like to call my bucket list.  (I recommend making one if you don’t have one.)

Some of the things on my list I have conquered, like having a large wedding or learning to play the piano.  Still, there are others on the horizon, for example: learning to drive an 18-wheeler or saving sea turtles.  Then there are some that will take me many years to complete, i.e. kissing my way around the world (kiss one person from every country) and eat at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in every state & country that has one.  Now, before we go any further there is something you should know.  I love Chipotle with almost every fiber of my being, I LITERALLY used to eat Chipotle everyday.  I have only recently (tonight, in fact) found out that they are located outside of the mother land.  I am very excited to see where Chipotle will take me and I personally am hoping for global domination.  Now, today’s post is going to be short, this is simply my way of telling you that at the bottom of my blog posts (if I can remember) there will be a map like this one, that has the states I have triumphed:

Chipotle Map

My map of US domination

It will not be this large again, matter-of-fact, it will probably be tiny, but it will be there, encouraging all of you to have small dreams and large ones; to set goals and try for them and to eat at Chipotle because that is some good food.