Reading Challenge Kick Off

Hello to everyone joining me on this adventure! Today is January first and I hope that you have all started the new year by cracking open a new novel. I know that some of the categories can be hard to find books for so I have blog posts planned to help ferret out a book for you to consume.

Also in case anyone needs it, here is a blank reading list for you to print and fill in your books on. Click me!

Today I am going to cover a book where the main character is a person of color. This is not necessarily something that you can simply google for, trust me, I tried. You get a lot of results for The Color Purple. Not a bad book by any means and certainly an option but after the movie, I’m going to save that tear-jerker for later.

There is one book that I have read that I can recommend then I have some links to list that you can peruse yourself. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is an excellent book. It’s a true story written so well that it reads like fiction. (Cross references to: A book a friend recommended, A book based on a true story, A book by a female author, An award winning book.)

If that one does not suit your fancy then I have links galore:
16 Books About Race (courtesy of Leeann)
I read only non-white authors for 12 months. (I pulled several from this one to add to my to-read list)
Fiction about LGBT women of color (Great for cross reference with other reading criteria)
Goodreads List 1 & 2

Hopefully this will help all of you fill out this category on your list. My chosen book for this one is: Who Fears Death – Nnedi Okorafor

Comment below with your choice or join the Facebook group and let us know!

Currently reading: ICO: Castle in the Mist for Book originally written in a language other than your first. (Cross references to: A book set in a different country, A book by a female author, A book with magic, A book that is by or about someone from an indigenous culture (although the culture is a fake tribe I believe), A young adult book, A book that is a guilty pleasure)

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I'm a 32 year writer and optician. I am loud and out-spoken and I do not lie or sugar coat things. I love to write; I love to read. I like eyeballs. I want to be an artist. I want to paint the world with my words and make you glasses so you can see it! Ha ha!

One response to “Reading Challenge Kick Off

  1. Hmmm… person of color. I may try something offbeat like UK LeGuin’s Wizard of Earthsea.

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